jul. 2016 - Present
visual designer, gap inc.
A member of Gap Global Online, and a designer for our North Americas Adult team. Our Adult team consists of the Women's, Men's, GapFit, and GapBody departments. Daily tasks are comprised of designing site assets and emails weekly. Our adult design team consistently works directly with our brand teams and international markets in order to make sure design aesthetics are aligned. 
  Main Tasks: 
- Always aligning aesthetics and work load with the NA Adult design team
- Report directly to my Adult Dept. Art Director
- Collaborate within the adult team to make sure all assignments are covered
- Work closely with copywriters on all design projects 
- Come together weekly with marketers and buyers to ensure all messages meet the briefs
- Meet multiple design review deadlines weekly
- Collaborate closely with our developers to help bring our designs to life within web-design standards
- Maintain a relationship with our producers and always communicate the status of our projects
- Concept messages and shot counts for each project for every season
- Stay aware and up-to-date with competitor trends
- Site Assets: design department and catergory shop pages whenever there is a refresh
- Email Marketing: design multiple emails per week for our adult divisions
- GapBody: designs all GapBody assets, currently at a point where Gap is expanding our GapBody business
- Pre-Season Concepting: meet with our art directors, copywriters, and the designers for the NA adult team and concept creative ideas for each site and email projects for the season, including assigning the shot counts. 
Mar. 2016 - Jul. 2016
Video Engineer Contractor, Apple Inc. 
My detail-oriented position involves annotating and editing color pictures with multiple attributes and video editing certain frames. As part of the R&D process, I beta test the new software and provide feedback to the engineers to help improve data quality, user interface and user experience. 
Dec. 2015 - Mar. 2016
Textile Design Intern, Caroline Cecil Textiles
Being the textile design intern at CCT has opened up my skill sets to the textiles/soft goods industry. On a daily basis, I assist Caroline Cecil, CEO of CCT, in design collaterals needed across the brand: from taking and editing photos for the website, to designing images for social media posts and newsletters.
  Main Tasks: 
- Create animated GIFs with Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects
- Use Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to for social post creatives 
- Layout bi-weekly newsletter designs through MailChimp
- Edit La Vie Imprimeé blog content 
- Edit/color correct our original photo assets, and from partner brands 
- Generate web page mockups for the web team
- Manage fabric Skus docs to make sure all info match the showroom websites 
- Assist CEO in shipment tasks for our showrooms 
  Balinesia Lookbook – a digital magazine-style collection celebrating the new textile line in detail 
  CCT Line Sheets – the full collection of fabric/print/color way details for the brand 
  Brand Brochure – a general overview of what CCT offers and a peak into the brand 
Jun. 2015 - Mar. 2016
Visual Designer, TopHatch Inc. 
As the designer of TopHatch Inc., my main tasks require the development of engaging user experiences for iOS mobile devices, It is my responsibility to perform strong conceptualization, visual, presentation, and sketch abilities as a way to demonstrate our product capabilities and interface for our users. 
  Visual Design: 
- Use our app Concepts to make digital drawings to showcase the app capability  
- Design screenshots and banners for the Apple App Store
- Use InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator for logo design and social media creatives
- Designed our seed funding deck that utilized bold imagery, color contrasts, and typography design to execute a clear hierarchy of information
- Design posters, banners and t-shirts for fundraising events  
- Created and rendered 3D CAD models as needed for creatives
- Design video tutorial aesthetics to capture the most visual attention in every scene
  Video Production: 
- Use high quality camera equipment
- Built rigs to use for overhead camera stands and manage lighting 
- Use Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie to cut and edit clips 
- Use Adobe SpeedGrade for color correcting video clips 
- Use Adobe Audition for editing voiceover audio files 
- Created the end-animation used in all our videos 
  User Interface:
- Brainstorm on which features are important to include in the iPhone interface 
- Generate quick wireframe sketches for general placements with Sketch 
- Use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop for appearance mockups 
- Work with our developers to finalize our iPhone UI
- Manage and keep track of our social media account insights 
- Research the best approaches for more social media engagements 
- Create, design, and write the copy for our weekly newsletters in MailChimp to maintain and grow customer retention 
Jun. 2014 - Aug. 2014
Industrial Design Intern, HoneyPoint3D
Managing the downtown San Mateo pop-up store location, I am the 3D printing and product design intern for this great company. My responsibilities include direct communication with founders, Nick and Liza Kloski, and also with customers for initial consultations. Having learned the basics in 3D printing, operating printers, and predicting where support material may print, it has become a great skill that I have applied into designing products for rapid prototyping.
  Main Tasks: 
- Consult clients about their product ideas 
- Generate sketches and presentations of our client ideas 
- Make Keynote presentations as the final presentation to sell our 3D printing service
- Research trends, target demographics, pricing, and consumer positioning for clients 
- Mockup different designs for the HoneyPoint3D website
- Design and implement my mockups onto the HP3D website   
May 2014 (maker faire)
Sketch Contractor, TopHatch LLC. 
I worked for TopHatch during the 2014 Maker Faire weekend in San Mateo to help promote and demonstrate the innovative iPad sketching app called, Concepts: Smarter Sketching. Switching between sketching on paper with Copic markers and using Concepts on my iPad, I helped advocate the power of sketching as a communication tool for all ranges of sketch abilities.
Dec. 2013 - Feb. 2014
Industrial Design, RainSaucer, Inc. 
This internship was about the benefits of recycling rainwater, a free natural resource. Tom Spargo, co-founder of RainSaucers Inc., gave a project brief on what my internship’s goal was, and I worked in a team to meet that goal. 
  Main Tasks: 
- Full-scale rapid prototyping of rainwater collectors 
- Explore deeply into low-cost materials that can be used 
- Sketch ideas of rainwater collection designs, shipping, and packaging 
- Weekly presentations summarizing what has been accomplished 
2011 - 2015   San Jose State University
BSID Industrial Design 
2008 - 2011   Ohlone Community College
A.A. Human Development
Softwares: Adobe CC: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, SpeedGrade, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Solidworks, Keyshot, Microsoft Office, Mac OSX, iMovie, Keynote, Powepoint, Windows OS
Visualization: Sketching, Marker and Digital Renders, Story Boarding, Wire Frames, Rapid Prototyping, Model Making, Graphic Design, Color Theory, CAD Modeling and Rendering, 2D and 3D Animation, Video Production
Soft Skills:  Patience, Attentiveness, Empathy, Coordination, Sense of Obligation
Languages:  English & Tagalog, HTML & CSS 
July 2015 - October, 500 Startups Program, Batch 14
4 Month Accelerator Program
2011 - 2015 Industrial Designers Society of America 
San Jose State University
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