7/18 GapBody Department Page Launch
This project marked a special turning point for GapBody. It is the first time GapBody will house its own department page. Our sleep, lounge, and foundations brand has been rapidly growing and it was time to have more site real estate.
06/13/2017 MEN'S Department Page
The main message features the Bridging The Gap brand campaign. There are also featured stories that link to shops that are seasonally appropriate. Among the featured stories are other categories that shoppers may want to be directed to.
07/06/2017 Men's Department Page
10/04/2016 WOMEN'S Department Page
The Art of Layering is a seasonal story that is featured in Fall. For this DP, the main is the Brand video, and the story itself is a step-by-step of layering how-to's. The sub-story is about the different pants we are hero-ing during the season.
09/16/2017 WOMEN'S Department Page
This DP focuses on the Gap Icon list for the Fall season, linking to the Icon Shop. The layout plays with alternating vertical and horizontal images, resulting in some interest white space elements.
All marketing and online images are owned by Gap Inc. My work is solely the visual/graphic designs for these site pages.
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